When was your last air duct cleaning?

5 reasons you should have your air ducts checked and cleaned by professionals:

▪️Duct cleaning prevents health issues.
Once the dirt has buildup on a great amount, it gives way to skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. But with routine air duct cleaning, you can prevent these health problems from conquering your family.

▪️Duct cleaning improves your system’s performance.
When the ductwork is overcome by multitudes of dust, mold, allergens and pet dander without regular cleaning, it restricts your HVAC system from doing its job.

▪️Duct cleaning increases the lifecycle of HVAC system.
Regular duct cleaning significantly adds years to your system’s lifespan.

▪️Duct cleaning eliminates musty odor at home.
Smelling unpleasant odor has something to do with dirty and clogged duct system. And, using scented candles and air fresheners cannot eliminate the odor. The best thing to do is to have your ducts serviced to improve air quality in your home.

▪️Duct cleaning exposes underlying issues in your system.
Although it seems like your system is working good, what lies on it may remain unseen and unknown until it is checked by professionals. With a regular air duct cleaning, you foresee potential mechanical issues on the system, preventing expensive repairs in the future.