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The fireplace in your living room makes it the coziest place to be during a cold winter night. However, a neglected chimney can make it extremely hazardous. Here are a few major benefits of professional chimney sweeping:

1. It improves heating efficiency

A clogged up chimney prevents optimal delivery of oxygen to the fireplace and causes it to work inefficiently. This not only results in a decrease in temperature since it doesn’t allow the wood to burn properly but also increases your heating bills.

2. It prevents carbon monoxide poisoning

Over time, a chimney can accumulate smoke byproducts, animal nests, twigs, dirt, debris, and more. Without proper cleaning, it can compromise the chimney’s airflow and cause the chimney to fail to eliminate the harmful smoke and carbon monoxide generated by the fireplace.

3. It reduces the risk of chimney fires

An unclean chimney is filled with a highly inflammable substance known as creosote — a byproduct of burned wood. Creosote can easily result in chimney fires which can not only cost you a lot of money in chimney repairs but something even more precious — your life!

4. It helps to improve air quality

A clean chimney that is devoid of soot and gunk can properly filter smoke generated by the fireplace and allow the air quality to remain normal and clean.

5. It helps to improve chimney life

Generally, a chimney can last anywhere from 15-50 years. Proper maintenance of your chimney via periodic professional chimney sweeping can help you to significantly boost its lifespan.