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Most people have no clue that it’s necessary to clean the dryer vents to get rid of lint, dirt, and debris to keep them in good condition and for safety purposes. Some of the major benefits of professional dryer cleaning are:

1. It reduces the risk of dryer fires

Whether you own an electric dryer or a gas dryer, dryer fries are a legitimate concern and they can start from something as simple as trapped lint. Thus, it’s important to get rid of the accumulated lint and debris regularly to prevent a fire hazard.

2. It prevents carbon monoxide poisoning

A gas dryer that is not maintained may not be able to exhaust dryer fumes properly and increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a reason for real concern since the toxic gas is colorless, odorless, difficult to detect, and can prove to be fatal.

3. It helps to eliminate allergens

Clogged dryer vents can exhaust moist air and even result in water leaks. And, moist air or surfaces can attract all sorts of allergens — from molds to dust particles — that are unhealthy and cause breathing difficulties.

4. It extends the longevity of your dryer

A dryer vent that is clogged up with lint, dirt, and debris obstructs the airflow and causes the dryer to work extra hard. This makes the drying process extremely inefficient and puts extra pressure on the internal dryer components which reduce their longevity.

5. It saves time and energy

A clean dryer vent supports the flow of air inside it and allows the dryer to work efficiently and dry your clothes faster. Thus, it not only saves you drying time but also reduces energy consumption which allows you to save money.