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The heating and cooling systems in your house circulate the air throughout your home via air ducts. However, the condition of the air ducts not only affects the efficiency of the HVAC system in your house but also your health and living experience since you breathe the same air that is circulating in the air ducts.

A professional air duct cleaning involves the use of powerful vacuums and special tools for the removal of harmful contaminants, dust, and debris from within the air duct including the registers and diffusers in every room and the supply, intake, and return air ducts. Thus, a professional air duct cleaning allows homeowners to:

1. Make your family breathe easier

Cleaning your air duct helps to eliminate dust, debris, and other types of contaminants and prevents them from circulating within your house or accumulating on top of furniture and flooring.

2. Get rid of allergens and irritants

It makes it possible to remove microorganisms, allergens, and irritants such as mold spores, pollens, dander, etc., and prevent allergies in sensitive individuals. Thus, they allow you to breathe easier.

3. Remove unpleasant odors

Old and unclean air ducts can absorb the smell of paint fumes, cleaning agents, tobacco smoke, and even food preparation over the years and result in a nasty smell.

4. Lower energy usage

Heavy build-up of dust, grime, and debris can obstruct the flow of air and cause the HVAC system to work overtime which reduces efficiency and increases energy bills.